Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I think I'm turning Japanese?

Hello Family,
    Well I think I forgot to say it again, but this week is transfers so my P-day is on Tuesday, so I'm a little late.  I'm glad everyone had a good birthday and 4th of July.  Also yes I will do what I can do push the rain your way haha.  I hope Brayden is still excited for Scout camp as I always enjoyed it.  It is a little different the first time being on a camping trip without Mom and Dad, but there are a lot of fun things to do, and a lot of good things you'll learn.
    As I said it's transfers again and I'm moving onto my last 6 weeks.  I told myself before that it would be such a waste if I were to get to this point in my mission with all of these experiences and skills and then waste them by being trunky and not willing to push myself, so I've made myself a promise that I'm going to do my best up until the last minute.  So far I'm doing ok with that as even though I'm aware that time is running short, it hasn't really set in to my system.  So for now I can promise I'm not trunky.  I think one of the blessings that will help me there is just the fact that President Bertin is keeping me as a zone leader here in Novaliches.  With everything going on it keeps my mind busy and not really time to dwell on being trunky, so hopefully that will carry me the rest of the way, although 7 1/2 months of being a zone leader has been and is going to be a bit of a mental stretch. 
   One fun thing that happened this week was our service project that we did with our roommates.  It was for the bishop of the Sta. Monica ward which attends church after us in the same building.  He is building a new house that is not super wide, but is 3 or 4 stories tall.  We helped mix the cement and pour the flooring for the bottom floor.  So who knows, maybe by the end of my mission, I'll have in one way or another done just about everything in completing a house!  It was fun as there has been a typhoon that past by and was on its way to Taiwan, we only got bits and pieces that come over Manila.  So it was raining decently hard almost the entire day and so whenever the truck came to deliver gravel or sand we would run out in the rain and shovel it into bags and bring it inside.  The funny part was that people often set tubs and barrels out to catch the rain water to use for various purposes, but since it was raining so hard they were all filled withing minutes.  So sometimes while we were out shoveling one of us would grab a tub of water or a decent sized bucket and dump it on everyone else.  So if we weren't already soaked from the rain, we were definitely soaked by that.  Plus it was funny to watch people that would gather around of peer out their windows to see the "imported" construction workers, and everyone else out shoveling gravel and getting soaked in the rain.
   Another fun thing was we had a Japanese style dinner with one of our investigators.  This woman owns a little roadside eatery close to our old apartment, and we would go there fairly often as it's usually really good food, and it doesn't cost much more than we would spend to cook.  Although when we moved we kinda stopped going as it's now a bit out of the way.  Elder Arcenas, one of the Elders headed home later today, was in that area one day and she invited all of us over to have dinner.  So on Sunday we all showed up and her and her husband were there and their friend "Chef" (not sure of his actual name) was there.  Laid out on the table was a couple of different types of sushi, some lean beef and pork that Chef was grilling right next to the table, and some kind of soup that was really good but I'm not sure what it was called.  We had taught their family a couple times before but struggled as they were only available on Sunday, and they had made it decently clear that they were content with being born again Christians, and had no desire to change.  So we haven't really focused on them, but they are still really nice.  So it was really good food, and I'm not sure if I've just developed my Asian taste buds since I've been here or what, but sushi and balut and some other weird things actually taste pretty good to me now.  In fact when we finished dinner and we left, the song "I think I'm turning Japanese" popped in my head.  Well I guess it's more I'm turning Filipino, but either way there has definitely been some changes.
    That's about all I have for this week, it's been a bit of a crazy week and I'm hoping things go for the better with this new transfer and with all the new missionaries moving in.  I hope everyone stays happy and safe and enjoys the next week. 
Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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