Sunday, July 17, 2016

If your not laughing your crying

Hello Family,

    So yes I did receive my itinerary for coming home, and yes Elder Stratton was the same one I flew over with, and I believe it's basically the exact same itinerary as well.  Although this time we will be gaining time instead of losing it, so yes that will be weird to travel halfway around the world in only lose 7 hours.  Also yes I'm still not trunky.  

     Well you know how last week that I would be staying in Novaliches as a Zone Leader up until the end... Well that has changed.  So on Friday I was transferred into the Caloocan zone to the Tonsuya ward.  Some things had been going on with one of the previous elders here, and so he was moved and I have come to take his spot.  So I'm a District Leader again and my companion is now Elder Sulabo from La Union which is a little farther north from our mission.  So I'm finally in an area that is close to the ocean, so hopefully by next week I'll have some pictures of me on the "Beach".  I was a little bummed to leave Novaliches as I had been there long enough that I knew just about everyone and had become close with some of the members, but so far I've been having a good time here in Tonsuya.  Throughout my mission I've always heard stories about Caloocan, but that was all just stories, so I'm kinda excited to finally be assigned here and to see what it is really like, although it will only be for 6 weeks.

    So for the couple of days that I've been here it has been a lot of fun.  Elder Salubo and I and our ward mission leader were really surprised to see that basically everyone we visited on Friday and Saturday attended church on Sunday.  So that was really exciting.  Plus we had Brother Suldan, one of the previous elders that became and AP when I was in the office and has since finished his mission, came and visited and worked with us the other day.  So it was a lot of fun as this was one of his previous areas and so we went on splits and he basically lead the way and we had a lot of good lessons.  

   My person for this week would have to be Brother Edu our ward mission leader here in Tonsuya.  He is 53 years old, but his face looks more like he is in his mid 30's, the way he dresses, moves and talks is like he is in his 20's.  He is a retired school teacher and now just tutors students, but he is a really funny guy and I've only been here a few days, but he is willing to work with us every time he has a spare moment, and is very supportive of the missionary efforts in the ward.  

   A funny experience from this week occured on Saturday while we were out teaching.  One thing I've noticed about this ward is that basically everyone here likes to joke, which is understandable as with some of the circumstances here, if you're not laughing you're crying.  Brother Edu is quite the joker himself and so we went to visit a less active family who the parents of the family haven't been coming to church for quite some time now.  So Brother Edu introduced me like I was new in the mission and didn't know how to speak Tagalog yet.  So I played along and tried to speak in a broken form of Tagalog and then throw in English along with it.  Some point during the conversation Brother Edu said that I should complement one of the young men there and say that he was smart.  Brother Edu said, "Elder Campbell, if you want to say he is smart you say 'Baliw ka' (Which actually means you're crazy)  So I played innocent and told him that he was "Smart" everyone started laughing and then I piped in again and started pointing to everyone in the room asking "Are you "Smart"? (Baliw ka ba?)" Everyone was kind of playing along shaking their heads "yes".  It came to one of the young women and she looked at me weird and shook her head no.  I answered back, "No you look pretty crazy to me!" At that point nobody could hold it in anymore and the whole room bust out laughing.  The truth came out and we were able to share a good message, and they all attended church on Sunday.

   Well that is just a couple of my adventures for this week, and I'm sure there will be many more next week.  I hope you all have a great week and that everyone stays healthy and happy.

Love you lots,

Elder Chayce Campbell

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