Monday, July 4, 2016

Praying specifically and being willing to act in faith

Hello Family,
   Well I guess first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!,  and then HAPPY 4TH OF JULY, and then HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!  I always liked this time of the year as there was so many family activities going on with Birthdays and the 4th of July.  Well I hope everyone enjoys their 4th today where ever you decide to watch fireworks, and enjoy the burgers or barbeque or potato salad or whatever else there is.  We were planning on going with our roomates to one of the malls here that has a burger place that has a challenge called "The Tombstone" which is a 2lbs burger plus 300g of fries.  Somewhat like Big Jud's although they do 1/2 lb patties stacked on top of each other and their burgers taste ok, but not nearly as good as Big Jud's.  If you finish in 10 mins you get a free T-shirt and your name on their wall of fame plus it's free.  Our roomates were able to go, but some things came up and Elder Picar and I weren't able to go so that was kind of a bummer, but we are still planning on having a little celebration later tonight with Root Beer and ice cream, so I'm still looking forward for that.
   So this week we had some more exchanges and splits which has been pretty fun.  I first went with one of the District leaders in our zone, then I went with Elder Arcenas, (one of our roomates), and then we had exchanges with the Assistants to the President as well.  Most all of them were pretty fun exchanges.  I really enjoyed the exchange with the Assistants as we had a pretty cool experience.  During our planning Elder Perkins mentioned that he really wanted to find a family today without a problem with the Law of Chastity.  Pretty similar to back home there are a lot of people that either just live in with one another without being married, or one interesting challenge is when they've been married previously and then separated and found someone else.  That creates a big problem as there is no divorce in the  Philippines and Annulments are super expensive.  So we really wanted to find a family that didn't have those kind of problems to make it easier for them to be baptized.  So we prayed for it that night that we would be able to find that specific family.  The next day when we got to the point that we had set apart to find, we looked at each other and asked where we felt prompted to go.  We both looked around and I got a good felling about a certain street.  I looked back and Elder Perkins was looking there too.  So we agreed and started walking down that street.  As we were walking we noticed a little store that was selling DVDs.  We stopped, looked inside, and then started talking to the man who was watching over the shop.  So to make the story more or less short we talked to him and told him we were missionaries, he eventually brought out his wife and said that they had 6 kids although only 1 was still living with them.  They had been married back in 1984 and were a bit saddened as one of their sons had just passed away within the last year.  We gave a brief summary of the plan of salvation and they were excited for us to come back.  So it was another cool experience to see how praying specifically and being willing to act in faith, that miracles such as that will happen.  We were able to find that family and we were guided every step of the way.
    This week was also cool as we were able to have a mission wide fast with all the missionaries and we also asked the members he to join us so that we could increase the number of baptisms in the mission as we are now pushing to have weekly baptisms.  It is quite the push for our mission as we had been struggling to get 2 baptisms within 6 weeks, and now we are going for 1 each week.  On Sunday during testimony meeting we all bore our testimony about missionary work and the joy that comes from it.  It was interesting to see the tone that had been set for the rest of the meeting as most who followed also talked about missionary work.  I was very impressed, and I'm excited to see the miracles that will follow, as missionary work really is basically impossible without the help of the members.
Well that is about all I have for now,  Stay safe, stay happy, I'll keep dreaming about that lobster bisque and I hope that Dad's birthday is great too!
Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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