Monday, August 15, 2016

Last e-mail before coming home?

Hello Family,
   Well just kidding this may or may not be the last family email that I send as next Monday is transfer announcements and then Tuesday I have until 11am and then I'm supposed to be at the mission home for our final exit meeting, and then that night I'm at a hotel.  It's really blowing me away how fast it is all going! Well it definitely sounds like everyone has had a pretty busy week back home.  So Breanne Asper is getting married too? Wow everyone really is pretty busy!  Well I hope everyone gets a chance sometime here soon to catch their breath a little. 
    This week has been a little busy for us as well.  This past week has been pretty much just straight up rain and so we've been staying pretty cool.  The rain is supposed to keep up for another 3 days or so.  So this past week we've been having fun trying to run through floods to get to appointments and things, although Saturday the water was high enough that we had to stay in for the day.  We also had a chance this week to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders.  It was a fun day as I went with Elder Coombs and we spent a good part of our day finding people on the record list that haven't been found before.  So it was a really great experience as it was a lot of finding by the spirit.  There are a lot of places here that are just little walkways that turn into a maze of houses and its sometimes fun to get lost in them.  Although it does make it a bit difficult to find people as there are almost no specific addresses.  So we had quite a few cool experience where we felt prompted to ask certain people or go down certain streets to be able to find the people that we were looking for.  At the end of the day we found all except for 2 of the people we had listed to find.  So it was a pretty good day.
   This week we were also able to have a succesful interview for one of our investigators and she is now ready for her baptism on Saturday. It was a bit interesting to get her into the interview as she has a social disorder and is really really shy when you first talk to her.  Elder Coombs was supposed to be the one to interview her, but she really didn't want to go into a room at the church with him.  So after trying for a few minutes, Elder Godinez, Elder Coombs' companion, is a little more easy to talk to finally got her to be interview by him and she passed.  Sadly the next few upcoming baptisms I won't be around for, I guess I'll just have to be updated on Facebook once I'm home.
   Well that is about all I have for right now as I'm a little short on time.
Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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