Monday, August 8, 2016

Yeah, I meant to do that?!

Hello Family,

     Well I hope Dad's fingers are doing ok, definitely doesn't sound like that was fun.  So I guess you were right, I will not have the chance to see Brayden with braces, but I guess that's a really good thing.  Also yes it is a bit weird to think of Kelsie having a baby, but then again I guess she did get married just before I left.  I guess tell her congratz for me.  

      This week has been a good week for Elder Sulabo and I.  We decided to visit a family that had been dropped by the previous elders as they said they had been struggling with commitments.  We went for a visit and we were interested to find that all of them had already formed a decent testimony of the church and of the Restoration.  So we kept trying to dig in to find out what the concern was.  At the end of our lesson we extended a baptismal invitation and most of them replied that they weren't ready.  We then talked about how baptisms is just the beginning of the journey and so we don't have to know every single detail about the church and the doctrine, we just have to have a desire to repent and to keep learning and growing and following Jesus Christ.  After that they still kind of looked a little uneasy.  So I said, "Alright let's just have a mock interview and we'll see how you do."  So we went through the baptismal interview questions and they all answered them correctly.  So by the time we reached the end, they looked at me and said, "That's it?!"  After which we set up a day for them in the coming weeks to baptized.  I've always found it interesting in my mission how sometimes we just miss the small things, and those small things can make all the difference.  

     Sadly to say but this week I finally tripped in one of the street side canals.  Now they call them canals, but its more of just a storm drain, although most of them don't have covers.  I was pretty bummed as I had almost made it my entire two years without tripping in one.  Most missionaries do end up tripping in them at least once if not more.  It usually happens when it floods here as the water usually becomes dirty and you can't see far below the surface and so it hides all the potholes and everything else in the road.  So since our area is pretty close to the ocean and not very elevated, the saying goes "If it rains for two minutes it will flood to your knees." Luckily for me it only usually gets to my lower or middle calve.  So we were walking to our next appointment and were about to cross the street and I thought I had stepped far enough to avoid the possible storm gutter, but suddenly my entire left leg was in the water.  We were working with our ward mission leader and both him and my companion started laughing and said "Hey you're Filipino size now!" I quickly pulled my leg out and noticed that quite a few people on the street noticed it and so I just tried to laugh off my embarrassment and pull the old "Yea I meant to do that, I was just checking how deep it really was.... Yup it's deep...." manuever, but in the end I just had to laugh it off as well.

   That was about all the excitement I had for this week.  So I hope everyone stays happy and safe this week.  Weird to think that I only get two more emails.  

Love you lots,

Elder Chayce Campbell

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